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Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Introduction You have to hand it to Royal Enfield. They know how to come up with a cool-sounding…
Royal Enfield Shotgun 650


You have to hand it to Royal Enfield. They know how to come up with a cool-sounding name: Interceptor Continental GT super meteor, and now this is the shotgun. This is the fourth motorcycle in the Royal Enfield 650cc family, and it gets.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Same tried tested and loved 650cc parallel twin but beyond that this is a slightly different motorcycle it doesn’t really fall into any set category you’ve got the Interceptor which is a roadster you’ve got the cafe racer you’ve got the cruiser but what exactly is this Royal Enfield tells us that this bike is inspired by the custom bike building scene in the country and to my eyes this looks like a long low slammed motorcycle with a bit of bobber in its identity it’s based on the super meteor 650 platform but there are some significant differences at the chassis end you’ve got different wheel sizes the super metor has a large 19in front and a small 16-in rear which goes with its Cruiser proportions this bike gets an 18-in front and a 17-in rear you move further back the fuel tank is different it’s smaller it’s a different shape it’s a very good looking thing then you’ve got this big headlamps around to give it that mean look and this is made of out of metal in fact everything on this bike feels solid feels heavy and this is a heavy bike the Interceptor itself is a heavy motorcycle about 220 kilos this 240 when you look at it when you feel it you’ll understand why it’s a substantial bike but bear in mind this is a heavy thing there are some really nice design details as you move further back as well I love the floating look of that single seat but this is not strictly a single seater motorcycle if you want you can have a plion seat at the back or if you want you can remove the plion seat and use that rack as a luggage mounting point so there is some versatility in here then you.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Have the exhaust now Royal Enfield has gone with a twin peashooter setup the peashooter exhaust is a very old school retro looking thing and they usually hug the motorcycle tightly and they come exactly flat down along the side here though the exhaust is slightly kinked upwards and if you look it from the back it spreads outwards like on the Interceptor I’m not particularly sure if I like that both in terms of the look and in terms of how wide it makes the bike when you’re in traffic the rear fender is something else I’m not completely sold on there’s quite a large air gap out here now I get that the wheel needs space to move but maybe this could have extended further down I’m not a genius in terms of design but there is something visually jarring about that Gap to my eyes overall though this is still a really handsome long Butch big looking motorcycle and we will get to this in a bit but one of the big Reon reasons you want to buy this bike is for the way it looks but it’s not just the looks it’s also about how the bike makes you feel because I think there’s some really nice quality details to.


Take it out here: the frame, for example, has a nice metallic finish. It’s got a powder coat-looking feel. It’s something we saw in the super meteor earlier. It comes to this bike as well. You don’t see that in many bikes, but the chassis looks nicely finished. Then you’ve got smaller things like these foot back bracket alloy units. They are very nice looking. Royal Enfield has given the engine a gloss finish for the cases out here, which is not something they’ve done before. It’s something I like further up here. This is metal. As I mentioned, even the switch Cube units are aluminum. These triple clamps are here for the fork. They all look nice and make you feel like you’re on a quality.


As for the view forward, you’ve got similar clocks that you would find on the super meter round unit. Digital analog is quite simple, and you’ve got the little Tripper display on the side for navigation if you want to use it through your phone. This is not a TF display. It’s not the same unit as the Himalayan. It’s nowhere close to as advanced, but I get that Royal Enfield is keeping the latest greatest technology for its most technologically advanced motorcycle, while the Super Meteor, with its air and oil-cooled engine, gets a more old-school vibe for me, the biggest question with this motorcycle is is it more comfortable than the.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Super Meteor 650 and by how much now, the Super Meteor is a beautiful-looking bike. It looks even nicer than this thing, but by the nature of what it is, where you sit very low with your feet forward, it’s not a comfortable motorcycle if you have roads around you that are not smooth. That bike is nice on smooth roads, but it can beat your back if you’ve got bumpy roads with big expansion gaps lumpy to MAAC. This is better. The main reason for that is.

Seating position

How you sit on the bike the super meteor pegs are somewhere out here on the shotgun they’re midet this foot Peg position is similar to what you’ll find on a classic or a bullet neutral not at the back not in front right down the middle as for your lower body and your legs this is nice and comfortable it’s higher it’s about 800 mm still a low accessible seat height but definitely higher than the Super Media and you’re sitting in a more natural position so when you hit a pothole it’s not so bad on your back The Handlebar I’m not so sure about this does give you a slight lean forward and while I get that Roy Enfield is giving you that custom bike feel you do have a bit of a Crouch forward and it doesn’t feel entirely natural I also would like the handle bar to have been a little bit wider as of now it’s not bad but if the bar was slightly higher slightly further back I think this would be a much more comfortable bike nevertheless we’ve been spending a few hundred km with this bike riding it all over the the city outside the city and it does not feel uncomfortable the suspension has even less travel than the super meteor at the rear it’s 90 mm of travel on the rear shocks which sounds bad on paper but again because of the way you’re sitting with a bike the way you interact with it it is far more comfortable and a fun fact is that the Interceptor has even less travel than this but no one really complains about the Interceptor being a very stiff and uncomfortable bike and that highlights just how important it is how you sit on a bike it makes a huge difference is not something we really think about.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Nevertheless, this bike doesn’t feel firm or jarring even if you hit bad bumps. It’s not nasty, but it’s not comfortable either. After a few hours of riding on bad roads, you will feel some discomfort in your back, so it is not a reason to buy a shotgun, one of the big reasons why you would want to buy this bike.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

Is this that 648 CC parallel twin motor is a thing of beauty? It’s been out for about 5 5 and 1/2 years now. It’s completely proven this engine is pretty much the same as it is in every other bike: same power and talk figures, similar sort of sound and feel, not a lot of bottom-end talk, but fantastic mid-range smooth creamy performance, and it’s a quick bike we tested this bike at about.


Royal Enfield Shogun 650

0-60kph 2.89s
0-100kph 6.57s

20-50kph in 2nd gear 2.48s
30-70kph in 3rd gear 4.17s
50-80kph in 4th gear 3.90s

6 and 1/2 seconds from 0 to 100 makes it about 0.4 seconds quicker than the super meteor and about on power with the Interceptor in the Continental GT. It’s also a nice sound on a bike; it’s slightly different but familiar here.

Exhaust sound

It sounds like a sound you’ll never tire of when riding. It’s not particularly loud, but it’s loud enough that you’ll always enjoy listening to that.

Fuel efficiency

Engine. As for fuel efficiency, its weight is identical to the Super Meteor, so you can expect similar numbers between 22 kpl and 30 kpl, depending on how gentle you are with the throttle. As for handling, it’s a fun motorcycle. The overarching theme Here is that this is a big, solid thing. Cruising down the highway, it feels planted. The.


Handling itself is quite nice. The wheel sizes have improved things, and the bike feels responsive. Still, these foot pegs hit the tarmac easily, probably quicker than you would on a classic or bullet, so you’re not going to be hitting High lean angles; you will be scraping them quite often if you tend to do that so the idea here is to go more with the flow of things and enjoy that engine.


The braking is good, too. You’ve got a 320mm disc at the front and a massive 300 mm Rotor at the rear; that brake is really powerful, and if you put too much effort into the lever, you will run into ABS quite quickly, but together, the bike slows down quite nicely as for life in the city this is pretty much like every other 650cc Royal Enfield if you live in a big city with huge traffic jams something you get stuck in every.

City riding

A day is not the most comfortable of bikes; it can get cumbersome. Like with the Interceptor, you’ve got to manage the pipes’ width and the motorcycle’s overall length. Still, I also noticed that these foot pegs could get in the way if you’re trying to squeeze through tight gaps against traffic or the footpath. Hence, this is only a motorcycle you will fit through some Gap. Sometimes, you have to sit there and be a little patient. The clutch is also a little heavy, but not too bad. There is a little bit of engine heat. These are all familiar things with the rest of the 650cc family. Like those bikes, you can commute on this motorcycle, but it’s not the ideal commuter. Royal Enfield hasn’t given us the price as of shooting.

Expected price

This is today, but I suspect it’ll be positioned close to the super meteor, maybe a little bit lower, but that is on the high side because the super meteor is the most expensive Royal Enfield on sale today.


Royal Enfield Shotgun 650

So with that let’s try and draw a conclusion here and figure out what this bike is about and who it’s for I think it stands for style it’s a wonderful looking thing it has a very nice engine and it’s a nice bike to ride in a sedate manner it is a fairly comfortable bike definitely more so than the super meteor but it’s not a plush and outright comfortable bike either there are some elements of practicality that are nice and I think I really like what Royal Enfield has done with the seat setup it doesn’t take too much work to convert it into a single seater or back into a dual seat setup then on the other hand the ground clearance is quite low at a 140 mm that number sounds scary on paper and I was really cautious while going over speed breakers for the first few times but eventually you realize it’s not so bad you do need to be careful I don’t weigh a lot and I suppose if you have the weight of luggage or a plion on the back you really need to be careful but so far we haven’t hit it on anything at the same time 140 mm is not really practical on bad roads so what is this bike all about I suspect that this motorcycle is going to appeal to the sort of people who love the look feel and identity of the super meteor but don’t want to live with that riding position on our roads in that respect this is a much more comfortable and usable bike but at the same time it’s still a fairly Niche machine and it will not have that widespread appeal of the rest of Royal enfield’s large lineup of bikes then again it’s always nice to see a manufacturer try something different and the more bikes we have out there the married.


The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 offers a harmonious blend of classic design and modern performance. With its 650cc parallel-twin engine, comfortable riding position, and nostalgic styling, it appeals to riders seeking a timeless yet thrilling riding experience.


Q1: What is the engine displacement of the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650?

Ans: The Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 is powered by a 650cc parallel-twin engine.

Q2: What riding experience does the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 offer?

Ans: The Shotgun 650 offers a balanced riding experience, combining the nostalgia of classic styling with the performance and reliability of modern engineering, making it suitable for urban commuting and leisurely cruising.

Q3: Does the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 come with any advanced features?

Ans: Yes, the Shotgun 650 is equipped with features such as dual-channel ABS, a slipper clutch, and LED lighting, enhancing safety and convenience for riders.

Q4: What sets the Royal Enfield Shotgun 650 apart from other motorcycles in its segment?

Ans: The Shotgun 650 stands out with its classic design cues, robust 650cc engine, comfortable riding position, and modern features, offering riders a unique blend of nostalgia and performance in the mid-sized motorcycle segment.

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