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Honda CB350

introduction the beauty of platform sharing is that you can create multiple products using the same parts and…
Honda Cb350


the beauty of platform sharing is that you can create multiple products using the same parts and components. The case in point is this: the Honda CB350RS. Now, unless you’ve been living under a rock, you will know that this motorcycle is based on the Highness CB350, but as you can see, it looks markedly different. Honda says this motorcycle targets the younger audience and those who want a slightly sportier and enriching riding experience. Is all of that just marketing talk? Let’s find out.

Honda CB350 RS design

Honda Cb350

honda is clearly gunning for the youth with the cb350rs and that’s evident in its styling firstly the similarities with the highness cb350 is evident in the shape of the fuel tank and led headlamp however the dual tone black and yellow paintwork looks attractive while the headlamp uses a matte black ring instead of chrome it is flanked by new led turn indicators that seem to be plucked off the honda hornet 2.0 the side panel is new as well and thankfully the awkward highness badge is not there replaced with a nicer cb350 rs badge the side profile also reveals the motorcycle’s predominantly black theme with only a little chrome pepper on the exhaust shield handlebar and mirrors in fact this motorcycle appears to your senses the moment you look at it now the highness it looks nice but it doesn’t make you go wow but this motorcycle here with a 17 inch wheel the fat tire the short and stubby tail section the raised exhaust or the dual tone paint on a test bike all of these combined together to give it a really nice and purposeful stance and i think.

 Honda CB350 RS scrambler?

Honda Cb350

Honda has nailed the design but doesn’t let the wide block pattern on the tire folk gator 19-inch front wheel and the new metal bash plate attached to the bottom of the frame fool you into believing this is a scrambler because it isn’t. Neither is it a cafe racer. It may seem that the cb350rs are suffering from an identity crisis because they can’t be classified as a type of motorcycle, but let’s call it very good-looking.

Honda CB350 RS price and features

Honda Cb350

350cc street motorcycle as far as fit and finish is concerned, we’ve got no complaints, but considering the extra money that Honda is charging for the rs, you may feel a little shortchanged after looking at the features list, the Bluetooth connectivity module and the Type C USB charger that’s present in the highness cb350 dlx pro variant is missing on the rs. At the same time, the USB port can be added as an accessory. If there is no way to integrate Bluetooth connectivity, why is Honda charging nearly rupees 10 000 over base highness? The company says the new grab rail fenders, fatter tire, and a metal bash plate account for the additional input.

Honda CB350 RS seat height and riding position

Honda Cb350

costs unlike the honda highness cb350 where you get this feeling that you’re sitting on top of the motorcycle and it feels a little more commuterish the cb350rs riding position feels a lot more nicer sportier and more connected as you can see the foot pegs are a little rare set the handlebar is set a little more forward than on the high in a cb 350 and along with this slightly scooped seat you sit into the motorcycle and that enhances your sense of involvement and connection i could also easily see myself touring on the cb350rs without too much fatigue setting in even after spending long hours in the saddle the seat height is also the same as that on the highness cb350 but as you can see there’s a lot more room for the rider but that comes at the cost of space for the pillion that said there’s another reservation that i have about the seat and that’s the material they’ve used this material is going to be a pain to maintain in our dusty environment the other issue i’ve got is with the mirrors because they show more of my arms and less of the traffic behind me then there’s the annoying placement of the horn switch which means you can’t find the button when you need it the most especially to want someone of your presence but i’m okay to let that pass because the riding experience definitely makes up for it.

The Honda CB350 RS performance of this

Honda Cb350

the long-stroke single-cylinder engine is in the same state of tune as the Highness CB350S engine, and Honda hasn’t even tinkered with the internal gearing or the final drive ratio. This means you’ve got the same tall gearing, and it is no surprise that the performance is closely matched despite the rs weighing 2 kilograms less.

Honda CB350 RS average

Honda Cb350

The highness of the fuel economy, however, is marginally better, with the rs managing to squeeze about 1.5 kph mode in the city and on the highway, but that could be down to the time of the day and bearing traffic conditions. The tall gearing suits the sporty.

Honda CB350 RS engine and gearbox

intent of this motorcycle, with the way you’re seated, you get into this frame of mind that you want to ride in a sporty manner so you don’t mind shifting gears constantly to stay in the power band, in fact given its smooth engine and the slipperiness clutch it only adds to the driving experience you also won’t mind this counterbalanced engines need to be revved especially after noticing its refinement even at high speeds that said a little more top end performance would have been nice. The tall gearing still compromises the drive on uphill sections. One probable way to solve this issue could be altering the gearing by fitting. 

Honda CB350 RS exhaust note

Honda Cb350

The slightly larger sprocket at the rear and the exhaust note also complement the motorcycle’s entire character. As you can hear, it has this thumb low down in the revs, and it sounds sportier and raspier as you build the ribs.

Honda CB350 RS ride and handling

Underneath the body work the honda cb350 rs has the same half duplex cradle frame as the highness while the suspension units and steering rake angle are identical as well the only major difference as we mentioned is the switch to a 17 inch wheel at the rear and the new block pattern mrf curved tires despite the block pattern tired red design the handling is pretty neutral and planted the grip levels are sufficient and in fact you can also ride this motorcycle down the trail without any bother that said i wouldn’t really push these tires when i’m out riding on a wet surface the switchable traction control may seem like overkill on a 21.1 horsepower motorcycle but newbie riders won’t mind the system being there to prevent unnecessary wheel spin on slippery surfaces the ride quality at low speeds is a little stiffer than a competition but it remains composed as the speeds rises in fact it is pretty good at isolating big potholes as well and you won’t mind maintaining a fair clip over bad roads the brakes leave no cause for complaint either and the abs is well calibrated and does not intrude unnecessarily.

Honda CB350 RS verdict

Honda Cb350

 while a lot is going for the Honda Cb350rs, the limited big wing sales and service network in India could be a spanner in the works for this motorcycle. While the number is steadily increasing, accessibility remains a concern. I liked riding the Honda CB350RS given its sporty intent, ergonomics, the way it’s styled, the way it rides and handles the smooth engine. All of these factors come together to offer a much more wholesome riding experience, and it is well spent for the extra money that Honda is charging over the Highness CB 350.


In conclusion, the Honda CB350 is a versatile and stylish motorcycle that delivers a satisfying riding experience for novice and experienced riders. With its blend of retro design elements, modern technology, and agile performance, the CB350 stands out as a compelling option in the mid-sized motorcycle market. Whether cruising through the city or tackling twisty backroads, the CB350 offers comfort, style, and performance in a package that will impress riders of all levels.


1. What is the engine displacement of the Honda CB350?

A 350cc parallel-twin engine powers the Honda CB350.

2. What type of riders is the Honda CB350 suitable for?

The CB350 suits many riders, from beginners to experienced enthusiasts. Its manageable size and accessible performance make it an excellent choice for novice riders, while its spirited performance and agile handling appeal to more seasoned riders.

3. What are some key features of the Honda CB350?

The CB350 boasts a blend of classic styling and modern technology. Key features include a teardrop fuel tank, round headlight, LED lighting, digital instrument cluster, and comfortable ergonomics.

4. Is the Honda CB350 suitable for long-distance riding?

The CB350 is suitable for long-distance riding thanks to its comfortable ergonomics, plush seat, and refined suspension setup. Riders can enjoy extended journeys with confidence and comfort.

5. What is the fuel efficiency of the Honda CB350?

The fuel efficiency of the CB350 can vary depending on riding conditions and riding style, but it typically offers competitive fuel economy for its class.

6. Is the Honda CB350 available in different variants or colors?

Honda offers various variants and color options for the CB350, allowing riders to choose a model that suits their preferences and style.

7. What maintenance schedule does the Honda CB350 require?

The maintenance schedule for the CB350 typically includes regular oil changes, chain adjustments, and periodic inspections, as outlined in the owner’s manual. Following the recommended maintenance schedule helps ensure the longevity and performance of the motorcycle.

8. Where can I purchase accessories or aftermarket parts for the Honda CB350?

Honda dealerships and authorized retailers often offer a range of accessories and aftermarket parts for the CB350, allowing riders to customize and enhance their motorcycle according to their preferences. Additionally, there are various online retailers specializing in motorcycle accessories where riders can find a wide selection of parts and accessories for the CB350.

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