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15 Smartphone Gadgets That'Ll Shock You!

15 Smartphone Gadgets that’ll SHOCK you! ⚠️

So today we’ve got 15 of the latest craziest smartphone gadgets, and each one is going to be…

So today we’ve got 15 of the latest craziest smartphone gadgets, and each one is going to be more impressive than the last.


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So, the first one is the wireless charging pad with a twist because this thing is modular. So depending on how many smart devices you have, you can buy upto six separate modular five. Each one will magnetically attach to the last, cool concept, but doesn’t it make more sense to decide how many charging pads you need to start with and then buy a charger made for that many devices as opposed to paying 30$ per pad if you go down this route.



But do you want to know what true madness looks like paying 600$ for the wireless charger? That’s exactly what you’re looking for right now; it’s got a frame made of solid aluminum, the padding is genuine Alcantara, it’s crazy heavy, and it does feel luxurious. Plus, this isn’t one of those pretty on the outside dumb on the inside type deals.

This thing used a technology called free power, which means that you can have upto three devices charging simultaneously, and it almost doesn’t matter where you put them on it. But I would say that I don’t think a wireless charger is a perfect match for a luxury makeover like this.

Because this isn’t like with my phones, where you might pay like 10% extra to get the pro version, you’re paying about ten times as much for devices. If you’re using it right, you may never need to touch it yourself again physically.



It’s one of the creepiest but surprisingly valuable pieces of tech I’ve ever used. At its core, this is yet another amazon echo product which means I can use it to manage my smart home devices; I can ask it the weather, I can tell it to play whatever song I want it to.

But what makes it weird is that it’s a 10.1-inch smart display attached via a rotating mechanism to a pretty capable smart speaker, and it uses a combination of audio and computer vision to track you around your room.

Though as intrusive as that sounds, I will say being able to watch a movie or take a call without worrying about having to prop my phone up somewhere. It’s a luxury that I didn’t realize I valued, but it’s pretty annoying that there’s no youtube app here.

So you have to mess around with the web browser, which pulls you out of the whole hands-free experience.



Here is a product that I think is a natural consequence of this progression: a motorized slider made with the smartphone in mind. And for those who don’t know, that means I can clip my phone in and make this slider move it and rotate it however I want to.

So, this means we can end up with shots like this taken on a phone. I have found it a little bit cumbersome though you know how we’ve got used to liking everything happening at the snap of a finger.

This thing spends a full minute recalibrating itself every single time I turn it on.



We have a gadget that allows you to stick anything onto your phone. It’s a straightforward bit of engineering: two plastic pieces go onto your phone, the other onto whatever you want to attach. And it keeps them close enough together that wireless charge can still pass between them.

So, your phone can keep your earphones topped up on battery. The only thing I’d say is that it’s almost too well-engineered. The clip is so firm that the first two times I installed one of these, I accidentally tore the glue of my phone trying to uncle my earphones.



This is PRISMO, an RGB wireless charger, and when I first saw it, I kind of had to laugh. It feels like the human race will not stop until there is lighting on everything that said as I started using it. I was disappointed in myself by how much I like it. It’s got a grippy rubberized texture, so your phone doesn’t get scratched, a solid frame, and a whole load of rotating pulsing LED modes.

Is this an energy-efficient way to charge your phone? Not, is it cool, yeah?



Here we have a smartphone gadget that almost feels like it was made for me, probably the most ridiculous mug that you’ve ever seen. I mean, apart from the fact that it looks like it’s been stolen straight from the queen’s fine dining set.

This is an intelligent temperature control mug meaning that I can pour my tea at a temperature that I want to stay at and then for an hour and a half or forever. If I keep it on the charging coaster, it will. There’s a customizable LED to tell you when it’s reached your perfect temperature.

It can turn itself off when it knows that it’s empty. This thing is so far removed from a regular mug that I almost feel like it could benefit from a few fewer features and a slightly more reachable price point, but it is perfect.



Now from a company called SLYK. We’ve got an entire assortment of super-premium smartphone holders. This is not a category that I thought was missing from my life, but they are well made, and they’re not as expensive as they look.

I’ve got a bathroom stand, an adjustable table stand, and even one designed to go around a pillow, and each one pairs a smooth matte finish with heavy metal construction, and they’re generally good stands too.

I feel pretty reassured that when my phone is in one of these, it isn’t going anywhere; it does kind of look like a dinner tray though.



There’s a company called HELM AUDIO. They’ve invented a gadget that turns this annoyance into a benefit. Basically, for the longest time, audio has been stored digitally, there’s a long string of zeros and ones, but that doesn’t mean anything to our ears.

So, converting that back to music again has to go through a digital-analog converter or a DAC (Digital-to-Analog Converter). Every phone has one of these, but not all of them are great. So, this right here is a headphone jack adapter with a high-end DAC built inside of it.

And as long as you’re someone who uses a reasonably high-end pair of headphones or you use a music service that supports high-fidelity sound. It’s just going to feel like your music has more life to it.



So, for amazon search, you can buy microscopes for any phone. So, this one here is 100x times magnification, a tiny little thing, and it also has a light inside that turns on when you remove the cover.

And then coming in at least five times the size, this one’s an adjustable microscope. Up to 250x times, and they work.



What you are looking at right now is a BIGSOFTI, aka smartphone flash, done right. It is super easy to mount, not just on your phone, mind you. It could be a laptop too, and it’s easy to control its charges with the same USB C cable as most android phones.

But most importantly, it makes an enormous difference. So this is a clip taken on an iPhone using the inbuilt flash, and this is taken using the BIGSOFTI, but this difference becomes more pronounced when we move to the front camera.

Because well, most phones don’t have a front flash module, whereas if you’re using a tool like this, you can just flip it around.



The nexdock touch is precisely what it says on the tin. It’s a touchscreen version of that, and that sounds subtle, but it’s the difference between it feeling like a cumbersome laptop and just a super-sized smartphone, and there’s quite a lot of cool things you can do because of that.

For example, proper touchscreen multi-tasking where the size of the display does not limit you. I can type SMS text messages using a full keyboard, and I have complete control over my phone’s cameras using this laptop which means that I can take selfies.

For example, using the main quality cameras, it’s a bit odd. Still, I can even answer calls using that set of cameras; plus, because it’s one of the rare devices with an HDMI in port, you can also use it as a portable travel monitor for Nintendo switch or even a ps5.

My only criticism is that, of course, it’s a bigger screen; it’s probably not going to be a better screen than you’ll already have on your phone. It’s only a 1080p LCD, it’s not special hardware, but it is a unique concept.



This is the storm2, and it’s quite possibly the most jacked power bank you’ve ever laid eyes on. The one I’ve got here is a beta version, so the packaging isn’t final. But the product itself is ludicrous.

For starters, I’ve never actually taken part in a battery bank myself, so to be able to kind of see the internals like this spread apart, big fan.

They’ve even built their operating system where you can see far more data than you probably care about, and thankfully, its performance also lives upto its demeanor.

This thing has a 27000mAh power capacity so that they can charge an iPhone about five times over, and it can both charge and be charged at the same time if you wanted to with a hundred watts of power. That’s crazy fast any more powerful, and you wouldn’t be able to take this on a plane.

The only thing is they do say this casing is super resistant against extreme high and extremely given low temperatures. But it does just feel like quite flexible plastic.

Now, if you thought that was crazy, I’m about to show you something that makes it look like a toy for toddlers.



This is the super bass 500and at 449$; I’m pretty sure it’s the most expensive power bank we’ve ever had. I mean, at this point, it’s more like a power station, given that an iPhone 12 is about 2800mAh power. And given that a 13-inch MacBook pro has about 5000mAh capacity.

How much do you think we have here? 30000, 50000. We’ve 140,000 mAh of power. Also, it can power nine devices simultaneously, including two through ac power ports capable of sending out 600 watts of power.

Which makes this less about just topping your phone up more about being your entire power solution. It’s got a display up front extremely given to tell you its current capacity; We can recharge it in five ways.

And you can even plug in two cables at once to increase that speed further. You have to be a very particular type of user to need this kind of power, but if you want it, it’s here.



If you’re moved by music, this feels like having a whole new dimension. So much so that it kind of no feels like something’s missing without them. They have built-in six-hour batteries; they’re surprisingly good-looking and comfortable considering how much tech is packed into them.

You have complete control over the intensity of the impact. They even have latency compensation meaning that you can manually offset when the vibrations hit to ensure that they’re 100% in sync with the music you’re listening to. They’re heavy shoes, but five minutes in, I was too busy cutting shapes to care.