10 early signs of common eye diseases

Blurred Vision

Blurriness or difficulty focusing on objects may indicate refractive errors or conditions like cataracts.

Eye Redne

Persistent redness may signal eye infections, allergies, or inflammation.

Eye Pain or Discomfort

Pain, itching, or discomfort can be symptoms of various eye conditions, including dry eyes or infections.

Light Sensitivity

Increased sensitivity to light (photophobia) may be a sign of conditions like cataracts or inflammation.

Floaters and Flashe

Sudden appearance of floaters (tiny specks or cobweb-like structures) or flashes of light may indicate retinal issues.

Double Vision

Seeing double images may be a symptom of conditions affecting eye muscles or the cornea.

Difficulty Seeing at Night

Impaired night vision can be a sign of various eye disorders, including retinitis pigmentosa.

Changes in Color Perception

Difficulty distinguishing between colors may indicate color vision deficiencies or other underlying issues.

Tearing or Watery Eye

Excessive tearing can result from conditions like dry eyes, allergies, or blocked tear ducts.

Gradual Loss of Peripheral Vision

Conditions like glaucoma may lead to the gradual loss of peripheral (side) vision.

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