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What is Ethereum and How Does it work?

Before Getting Information about the ethereum First, you have to know about the blockchain. What is blockchain The…
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Before Getting Information about the ethereum First, you have to know about the blockchain.

What is blockchain

The Blockchain is one type of decentralized public database that stores all the transactions data and history into the blocks.

Into The Blockchain, The Blocks are stored the transactions data if you do any type of transaction using blockchain then blocks are created automatically and added into the blockchain.

The Blocks are chained with the parent blocks and if anyone who is into the blockchain tries to change the data of the transactions blocks then he has to change all the block’s data that means he had to change all the previous blocks’ data.

Every Computer into the blockchain agrees upon the new block and this computer is known as the “Nodes”. In Simple Word, the computer on to the blockchain is connected with blockchain that is called nodes.

Ethereum currently use the Proof Of Work Consensus Mechanism. That means if anyone adds the new blocks into the blockchain network then he has to solve the mathematical puzzle and this puzzle takes too much-commputing power and if he successfully solves the problem then gets the reward in the form of Eth and this process is known as Proof Of Work.

For The Summarise If you sen one eth to the second person then into the Etherum blockchain the blocks are created and added to the network and these transactions are confirmed by the miners and also this blocks data is updated by the miners if miners successfully update the data then these blocks are every one sees who is connected with the Blockchain Network.

There are lots of tokens and coins are listed on the coin market cap and many other websites and that most tokens and coins are generally created using the ethereum network.

Intro To Ethereum

What is Ethereum?

Ethereum is an open-source, decentralized platform that uses blockchain technology for creating and running decentralized applications “DAPPS” and because of decentralization, there is no need for any type of third-party person for transactions.

Ethereum has its own cryptocurrency called ETH.

What is ETH?

ETH is a cryptocurrency that’s owned by ethereum. If you want to do any type of transaction then you have to ETH for doing any type of transaction in the ethereum network.

How Does Ethereum Network Work?

Based on blockchain, ethereum consists of a series of cryptographic, or secure, public records linked together that each is difficult to change because they are stamped with user data(record), time and date, changes that must be approved by the users.

On the ledger, anyone can create a financial contract or keep ownership registries and eliminate the use of an external recordkeeper or trust officer. They’re called “trustless” transactions because they eliminate the need   

Ether Minting

The Ether Minting means someone who selects the blocks to solve the mathematical problem and on behalf of selecting that blocks miners pay into eth and the ether price for the minting is 2 eth.

Into The Ethereum If You Just wanted to do any type of transactions then you have to do need miners confirmations.


Ethereum is a protocol that means ethereum connects with different types of networks.

What is Dapps

A dapps has its own backend code running on a ethereum decentralized peer-to-peer network. Contrast this with an apps where the backend code is running on centralized servers.

A dapps(decentralized Apps) can have frontend code and user interfaces written in any languages to make calls to its backend. Furthermore, its front end can get hosted on decentralized storage such as IPFS.

Dapps are digital applications that exist and run on a ethereum blockchain or P2P network of computers instead of a single computer, and are outside the purview and control of a single authority.

A famous web app, such as Uber or Facebook, runs on a computer system that is owned and operated by an central organization, giving it full authority over the app. There may be multiple users on one side and, but the backend is controlled by a single central organization.

DApps can run on a P2P network or a ethereum blockchain network. For example, Btt, Tor, and Popcorn Time are applications that run on computers that are part of a P2P ethereum network, whereby multiple participants are consuming content and, feeding or seeding content, or simultaneously performing both functions.

In the context of cryptocurrencies, dApps(decentralized apps) run on a ethreum blockchain network in a public, open source, decentralized environment and are totily free from control and interference by any other single authority.

For example, a developer can create a facebook-like dApps and put it on a blockchain network where any user can publish messagess. Once posted, no one can change it.

Ethereum is not owned by anyone. All of the programs and services linked with the ethereum network require computing power—and that power is not free. So if ethereum is a type of decentralized internet and app system, what is ether?

Ether(eth) vs. Other Cryptocurrencies

Every particular action on the ethereum network or in a dapps requires a different types,and amount of computational energy and time. The greater the power and time required, and the higher the ether fee for the action to be completed. Ether is different digital currency like other coin.

There are also many other ways that it differs. For instance, many digital coin have hard caps or maximum numbers of tokens or coins that can be mined. With ether, there are no limits. A total of 18 million ether are mined each year. Sixty million ether was bought by users in a 2014 crowdfunding campaign, while another 12 million went to the Ethereum Foundation, a collective of developers and analysts who work to enhance the ethereum network and the underlying technology. Five ether tokens (ETH) are allotted to the miners that verify transactions on the network every 12 seconds. Despite their differences, the market for ETH functions similarly to that of digital currencies like bitcoin in many ways.

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