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Bikers Code Of Honor

09 Bikers Code Of Honors That Make a Biker the Biker.

Bikers Code What makes a biker a real biker? Is their leather-clad style dashing, or the roads that…

Bikers Code

What makes a biker a real biker? Is their leather-clad style dashing, or the roads that make them so intimidating, or that seem to be the part of a cult of motorbike worshipers? These motorcyclists are the modern knights of the open roads. And their bond with their comrades is more significant than blood, and here is why they have honor among themselves.

A person with spirit and utmost loyalty A short guideline shows the true nature of motorcyclists.

What’s The Bikers Code?

Whether you’re a motorcyclist from heart or a born daredevil, no Code in the world hasn’t been broken by you. There is an unspoken code that you follow all your life. Motorcyclists are fiercely loyal to each other. You know behind that rough and tough face a person lies who is more sincere than the neighbor to your next-door!

What are the Codes that bikers follow whole-heartedly, you ask?

 Like the universe follows “Bro-Code,” bikers have their version, which characterizes them as real bikers.

Code 1: Bikers Are Family

Bikers Family

Bikers are very protective of their fellow bikers. Thus, each biker is like their brother and sister, so no one tries to mess up with them. They always stand for each other no matter what happens. That’s why you can see dedicated riders in the groups because bikers are not just a family; they are a pack.

Code 2: Respect All

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It doesn’t matter if it’s a man, woman, child, animal, and respect should be given to everyone. If someone is clearly at fault, bikers, don’t tolerate rubbish from anyone. Bikers have enormous self-respect and know that respecting each other is integral to avoid unruly violence or trust issues. When others get rude, they maintain cool and back their words with actions.

Code 3: Prestige Your Bike

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There is a no-doubt. If you’re a biker, then your bike is your soul. As a motorcyclist Honoring your bike is necessary because your life depends on it. Taking care of your motorcycle and maintaining it is the utmost essentiality. Most bikers would like to explain, “Motorcycles are like our spouses; you don’t get to touch it, only look from afar!”

Code 4: Never give up

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Bikers don’t give up easily on these two things. 1. Once their mind is set and 2. nothing in the world can stop them from getting it done. That’s bikers’ way; love in other aspects of life matters, just like their passion for their loved beast. The bikers’ topmost quality is that everyone envies, as they know what they want in life, and they will go to any limits to fulfill it.

Code 5: No rider left behind

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This Code shows the sign of Friendship between bikers. Come hell or high water, and the biker always sticks to the people who ride along with them. When anyone down at the side of the road, you wait for them. It’s one of the only times bikers hit the brakes.​

Code 6: Be Loyal To Your Own

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A real biker is happy with whom they are, always. However, life is or how many actions they take, which might open to question (like those wheelies), everything defines them. Right from the way they talk or the way they dress, there’s an undoubted charm to every biker that makes them so alluring and a little freaky. Thus, there’s nothing that will make them change.

Code 7: Keep Your Thoughts Constant

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No, not actual guns. Stick to your principles and words. If you have promised to someone, that promise is etched in time. If you think what you said is right, then don’t turn back your words. A biker stands his ground and trusts his/her instincts more than others.

Code 8: All gear all the time​

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Bikers love doing stunts on the roads, but you will never see them being in such situations. People who do the ride without the proper gear are called “Stupidly Quick, Underdressed, Imminently Dead.” Next time, think before saying why bikers love to wear those greasy leather jackets; it’s for protection, not for dashing looks.

Code 9: Ride with pride

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Biking is not a game or hobby—it is art, which can be understood only by passionate people. No matter the cause or occasion, bikers ride. When they are sad or in doubt, they take a ride. But they never get tired of riding. Their soul is their motorcycle, and wherever they go, the bike goes too.

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