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Hyundai Creta

Introduction 2024 has started with a bang with the update of one of the most popular models in…
Hyundai Creta


2024 has started with a bang with the update of one of the most popular models in the Indian car industry. Yes, of course, it is the Creta facelift. Now, this is just a facelift, but it has been significantly changed on the outside, some bits on the inside, and there is also a new engine. Of course, this has been at the top of the segment in the past. Can it do the same, by the looks of it?

Exterior design

Hyundai Creta

Likely with the facelift Hyundai has given the cret a look that will be appealing to a wider audience up front there’s an angular theme with block-like elements for the LED drls and also the grill the drls up top also get sequential turn indicators and are connected at the front something you also see on the new Verna low down the multi-beam LED headlamps are a bit more squarish than before and the bumpers have been redesigned as well the silver accent is beefed up now and gives the front a rugged look there has been no change to the width but the angular design results in a wide look over to the side it has a lot in common with the previous version with the broad wheel arches and a silver trim that thickens towards the c-pillar the Alloys get a slightly different design but are still 17in on the top spec trims and the wheel BTE and ground clearance are the same as before too at the rear it does resemble the venue primarily because of the connecting LED tail lamp and here to it gets sequential turn indicators and a refresh bumper with four metal accents on the whole the design is a lot more palatable than the .


Hyundai Creta

Older car which will reel in a lot more buyers on the inside what’s new with this CA facelift is the dashboard it has been redesigned you get two screens as standard now a digital screen for the instrument cluster as well and of course your digital touchcreen both 10.25 in units now the touchcreen is really nice responsive slick and it’s a typical hyai screen it is crammed with features however strangely it still doesn’t get wireless carplay or Android auto and that’s a bit of a Miss because cars two segments Below have started to get this that could have been a great addition however the digital cluster looks a lot more modern and even though a lot of it was seen on the alaza like the customizable dials the Adas screens is exclusive to the creta other bit low down is the plethora of buttons that you have we always complain physical buttons are a Miss nowadays thankfully Hyundai has not done that they have given actual physical buttons for all your basic controls climate control media and some setups of the screen as well you also now get dual zone climate control as part of the package and there is a 360° camera as well however while the availability of buttons is convenient fit finish is not up to Hyundai standards the buttons on the panels feel wavy and not firmly set in further down on this turbo DCT variant you obviously get Drive modes and traction modes so the toggle for that is right here then you have an electronic parking brake ventilated seats just as before and you get a dedicated button to switch on the 360° camera the seats also the same as before nice and firm and quite supportive as well however the piping you see is slightly different it’s in that bronze copper color that you also see on the inserts around the screen then you have the steering wheel again a typical hyai steering wheel all your controls for the media or to the left and on the right you have the Adas controls because the.


Hyundai Creta

Ca facelift now gets level two AAS as well. The level two AAS system gets Radars at the front and rear, a front-facing camera for pedestrian detection, and even cyclists and Junctions. Apart from that, there’s also adaptive cruise control. Lan keeps assisting a smart cruise control with stop and go, which is a big help in traffic blind spot monitoring, rare cross-traffic alerts, and collision warning with automatic braking, which brings the car to a complete halt. The seats also get electric adjusted for the driver. You have a panoramic sunroof and, of course, a Bose sound system, so in terms of features, a typical Hyundai is packed to the brim.


Hyundai Creta

In the rear seat, space remains unchanged. So there is good head and leg room and enough.

Rear seat

Hyundai Creta

The header and legroom are enough for three adults. You now also get two type-c ports along with sunblinds and neck pillows. However, it still lacks an adjustable headdress for the middle passenger. Hence, an interior that has been modernized and, as always, gets everything and more, but what about the new engine?

New turbo-petrol engine

Hyundai Creta

So the engine that hyai has introduced with this update is the 1.5 L turbo petrol unit 160 horsepower 253 NM and we are quite familiar with this engine because it also does duties in the Hyundai Verna the Hundai alkazar the Kia SOS and the Kia Karen so pretty familiar territory and in the K it feels no different and the first thing that jumps at you is the refinement it’s smooth it’s quiet and even at high RPM you only have a bit of thrum and that’s pretty much it there are no vibrations to speak of and it really is a very well sorted engine in terms of power delivery it is linear like we’ve seen on the other models as well so you don’t have that punch immediately as you press on the accelerator but it picks up speed really well and once it does that it is very comfortable around 100 120 really no problem this engine has a lot of poke Now power delivery is linear to begin with but as you get to the mid-range there is a bit of surge in power so overtaking if you’re in the right RPM range is not a problem .

7-Speed DCT

Hyundai Creta

Speaking of the RPM range, what helps this engine is, of course, the gearbox. The 7-speed DCD transmission is the sole offering with this engine, and by DCD standards, it might not be the quickest, but it still is very responsive. What’s nice is that you have a decent amount of control at the paddle shifters as well, of course in this trim, you also get drive mode so that you can choose between Eco comfort and sport, being obviously the most responsive one and along with the sports mode you can also put the gearbox in the sports slot the lever into s. It also has a Tiptronic function, so you can select the gears using the lever; however, the paddle shifters are more engaging. They work well. A neat trick with the gearbox is that it rev matches so you can tour along the pedal reduce. You have that nice rev-matching sound from those who don’t have much use of All That Power from the turbo petrol engine. There is a diesel on offer as well.

Diesel engine

Hyundai Creta

Along with the turbo petrol engine, the Creta also gets a diesel. Still, it is one of only two cars in the segment that get it. This, along with its cousin the Kia SOS, is the same engine as before the 1.5 L 116 Hors turbo diesel engine made it to a six-speed manual and a six-speed to converter automatic, which is what I have here and in terms of performance, it is very very good effortless in terms of cruising and it just is perfect for those long Highway runs in terms of refinement it is very very good vibrations are very well contained. Still, you hear a fair bit of that typical diesel drone and clatter.

6-speed automatic

Hyundai Creta

Especially once the engine crosses 2 and 1 12,000 RPM apart from that the sixspeed to converter automatic is very smooth and in fact compared to the DCT the shifts are slightly smoother as well yes it’s not as quick but it definitely picks up pace and it is nice and even you also get paddle shifters which are decently responsive and there’s also a Tiptronic function for this gear lever as well so you just slot it into s that increases the response but that also increases that engine drone because the engine is now a lot more responsive as well it goes into sports mode and then you can just choose to shift using the lever which is a nice touch now like on the petrol this also gets Drive modes and terrain modes those are reserved only for the automatics you do not get them on the manual version and in terms of functionality they do the job well in Eco the engine is relaxed the steering is light and the gearbox is sedate while normal offers a good balance and Sport offers the most response and heft in the steering.

6-speed manual

Hyundai Creta

However, there is an option for those who want that control of a manual gearbox. Now, the six-speed manual is nice for using light. It slots in easily. The clutch pedal is a problem because it’s too far behind, which means a good workout for your left leg, especially in traffic. It is light, but you still have to work it quite a bit, so the automatic would be the perfect choice with this diesel. In the past, the powertrain with the most sales was the 1.5 L naturally aspirated petrol Engine with the CVD transmission and in the new.

Powertrain options

Crater continues to carry forward the easygoing nature in the city, and with the expected price under the Turbo and diesel variants, the value proposition is likely to continue here.

Ride comfort

Hyundai Creta

Since there has been no big mechanical change to the suspension, especially ride comfort, it is unchanged, so you have that same flat-composed ride on the highway. It feels stable and planted, but when you get to the city. The roads go bad, it turns, and it becomes nice, soft, and supple. Yes, there is a bit of firmness over sharp bumps at really low speeds, but it is a well-rounded suspension apart from that.

Steering and handling

Hyundai Creta

Setup, and then you have the steering and handling again. Nothing changed. Have the same setup; the weight is the same as well. Of course, if you change the drive modes, the steering weight changes in Eco. It is light in sport; it has a bit of heft, and around the corners, it feels exactly like its predecessor, not too much different, so yes, there is a hint of body roll if you push it too hard. Still, apart from that, it is a very well-controlled cabin, and overall, to drive this K is really.


Nice, and here are the prices for the all-new Creta with this facelift; Hyundai has only strengthened what was already.


Strong and well-packaged midsize SUV. The controversial areas, like the design, have now been fixed with a new look that is much more approachable along the interior and has been uplifted into a modern look for 2024. The new Kata will also go through that snap testing soon, and Hyundai has enhanced the use of ultra-high Sten Ste and reinforced the body, resulting in a 50 kg weight addition; however, the strong points are feature-packed.


The cabin’s addition of safety with level two Adas and the continuation of a variety of power trains will continue to be the highlights. It will ensure the crown stays firmly on the ket’s head. Thank you so much.


The Hyundai Creta is a compelling option in the compact SUV segment. With its stylish design, comfortable interior, and a host of features, it offers good value for money. The choice of engines provides ample power and efficiency, catering to various preferences. Its handling is commendable, making it suitable for city driving and occasional off-road adventures. Additionally, Hyundai’s reputation for reliability and a comprehensive warranty package further enhances the appeal of the Creta. Overall, the Hyundai Creta is worth considering if you’re in the market for a versatile and well-equipped compact SUV.


1. What is the Hyundai Creta?

The Hyundai Creta is a compact crossover SUV produced by Hyundai Motor Company. It’s designed to offer versatility, comfort, and performance suitable for urban and suburban driving.

2. What engine options are available in the Hyundai Creta?

The Hyundai Creta typically offers a range of gasoline and diesel engine options, including both naturally aspirated and turbocharged variants. Engine choices may vary depending on the market and model year.

3. What features does the Hyundai Creta offer?

The Hyundai Creta comes equipped with various features to enhance comfort, convenience, and safety. These may include touchscreen infotainment systems, smartphone integration, advanced driver-assistance systems, premium audio systems, leather upholstery, panoramic sunroof, and more.

4. What is the fuel efficiency of the Hyundai Creta?

Fuel efficiency ratings for the Hyundai Creta can vary depending on factors such as engine choice, transmission, and driving conditions. Hyundai typically aims to provide competitive fuel economy figures for its vehicles, including the Creta.

5. What are some notable safety features of the Hyundai Creta?

The Hyundai Creta often includes a range of safety features such as multiple airbags, anti-lock braking system (ABS), electronic stability control (ESC), traction control, rearview camera, rear parking sensors, blind-spot monitoring, forward collision warning, and automatic emergency braking.

6. How does the Hyundai Creta compare to its competitors?

The Hyundai Creta competes in the compact crossover SUV segment, where it faces competition from vehicles such as the Kia Seltos, Nissan Kicks, Toyota C-HR, and others. Comparisons often consider pricing, features, performance, fuel efficiency, and overall value for money.

7. Is the Hyundai Creta available in all markets?

Availability of the Hyundai Creta can vary by region and market. While it may be available in some markets, it might not be offered in others. It’s best to check with local Hyundai dealerships or official Hyundai websites for information on availability in specific regions.

8. What warranty does Hyundai offer for the Creta?

Hyundai typically offers a comprehensive warranty package for its vehicles, including the Creta. This often includes a limited warranty, powertrain warranty, corrosion warranty, and roadside assistance, among others. Warranty coverage may vary by region, so it’s advisable to check with Hyundai or authorized dealers for specific details.

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