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New Tata Nexon review

Introduction It’s Been Six Years since Starter Launched The Nexon Back In 2017, And Since Then, They’ve Always…
New Tata Nexon Review


It’s Been Six Years since Starter Launched The Nexon Back In 2017, And Since Then, They’ve Always Managed To Keep It In The News With constantly updated Feature Editions, Some New Trim Levels, and New Paint Shades, But People Said you Know What Give. Us One Car One Car That Has It All The Most Radical Design The Most Feature Packed Cabin And a Good Amount Of Powertrain Options Well Finally Tata Motors Has Listened Because This 2023 Naxon Completely Different In Look You Have a Completely Different Interior And You Have Some Significationt Mechanical Changes As Well.

Exterior Design

New Tata Nexon Review

This might not be a generational change for the next one since the platform and power drains have been carried over, but it looks so much more than a facelift at the front. You can see a lot of inspiration from the curve concept shown at the Auto Expo. The face is heavily updated, and it looks nothing like the nexus of the past. The Sleek LED girls get sequential turn indicators. The headlamps are now LEDs and have been moved onto the bumper. The Grille is a mix of mesh and slack patterns, and there are also air curtains on the side for better Arrow foreign. The sharp lines continue, and the Alloys also get a new look that says they are still 16 inches and get the same tire size. The classic Nexon look with the rising Belt Line, a sloping roofline, and the floating roof at the rear continues, and there has been no change.

Ground clearance

the dimension so the length of the wheelbase and the 208 mm ground clearance remain unchanged; the connected LED tail lamps are sharp to look at, and the rear wiper is tucked away under the spoiler for a clean look. This Fearless purple paint shade is striking, too, but let us know in the comments what you think of this supercar-like paint. 

Interior design

New Tata Nexon Review

now if you think the exterior is not that great take a look at this the interior has been completely revamped for the new Nexon and that was one great people had with the older one that it just felt to dated and old not anymore let’s start from right to left the steering is the big one because it is nice and large quite chunky and good to grip as well and you have this two spoke design now I’m not sure how many will appreciate this sort of glossy plate up here because it is extremely extremely easy to smudge and get scratches on in fact it already has a lot of marks on it the logo on the steering is also backlit which dims down as you turn on the lights so at night it won’t be a distraction you have the controls you have the controls for the cruise control the media settings and everything is very expected to be very very neatly organized inside is an instrument cluster a 10.2 inch completely digital unit and it is customizable as well you can get your maps on there you can change the dials and you can have a lot of information on offer crisp very detailed and nice to look at for a full view of the maps in the instrument cluster if you are an Apple user you will have to use Apple Maps via carplay and Google Maps will only work with Android auto connected foreign again a 10.25 inch unit and very responsive and Slick you get Wireless Apple carplay wireless Android auto as well and you have all the settings you need in here low down is another sadly glossy panel which like I said is prone to smudges dust and scratches now it’s going to be very difficult to maintain so you better have a microfiber cloth in Europe but you have your climate control settings in here and you also have the option to choose the 360 degree camera and open the boot from down here as well low down you have a small cubby hole that gets a type c port and a type a USB port along with a charging socket there’s also a wireless charging pad here a sunroof is on offer as well and like the older Nexon you get a drive mode selector as well the other highlight on the next one is the audio quality with the eight speaker JBL speakers that also get a subwoofer it gets multiple modes to select depending on the audio and overall is a superb system if you love your add to that the incredibly crisp 360 degree Camera with blind view monitor along with dedicated SOS switch for emergency and it’s evident that this truly is a 2023 interior so overall it is an interior that will definitely appeal to a lot of the buyers however what will split opinion is this upholstery because the purple on the outside doesn’t seem that Brash and bold but when you get inside this lavender mixed with the black and then you have these gray axles as well it’s not for everyone and that I think will split opinion definitely let me know in the comments what you think of this purple and black interior upholstery the other thing are the seats which have been redesigned so they are a bit more comfortable a lot more supportive however cushioning is not as soft as the earlier Nexon it has been firmed up slightly but that also means a good amount of support what’s nice is that the seeds get height adjust for driver and passenger and ventilation which works very effectively and lastly you have the key that is exactly the same as the older car so no big changer there are some bits from the older Nexon like the orvm adjust switches and the power window switch gear but why fix.

Feature list

something that isn’t broken

1. LED Headlight With LED DRLs
2. 16-Inch Wheels
3. Rear Wiper-Washer
4. Auto Headlamp And Wipers
5. 10.25-Inch Instrument Screen
6. 10.25-Inch Touchscreen
7. Paddle shifters
8. Cooled glovebox
9. Height Adjustable Driver And Passenger Seat Air Purifier
10. Air Purifier
11. VentllatedFront Seats
12. Automatic Climate Control
13. Wireless Charging
14. Sunroof
15. Cruise Control
16. Rear AC Vents
17. Wireless Apple And Android Connect
18. Voice Commands
19. Alexa Home To Car Connect
20. Drive Modes


New Tata Nexon Review

Safety has always been a priority for Nexon, and with this one, it continues. You have six airbags ABS with EBD ESP, a tire pressure monitor, a three-point seat belt for the rear passengers, and a blind view monitor, but it does miss out on a dash, which is what the Hyundai venue now gets.

Rear seat space

New Tata Nexon Review

Now, since there has been no dimensional change to this updated Nexon, space in the back seat is the same as before, which means if you’re over six feet, you’re going to have barely enough room for your knees foot room is decent; but again Headroom is going to be a problem for taller adults the seat has also been redesigned like the front slightly so you have a bit better support under-thigh support is not bad either however I wish Tata included a recline at least a one-step recline that would have made things a lot more comfortable than said for average size adults the space is more than enough and the rear seat is a lot better compared to Rivals such as the Hyundai venue and the Kia sonnet down here you get your AC Vents. You also get a Type C port and a USB. You also have a center armrest,. There are three-point seat belts for all three passengers back here, and they have pressure sensors, which means if you don’t wear them, the car will start.

Boot space

Boot Space

Chiming boot space is still strong at 382 liters, which can be upped by folding down the rear seats, powering this updated next one. R2 engine options are the same as before, a 1.2 liter.



Engine:3 cyls.1199cc, Turbo-Petrol
Power: 120@ 5500rpm
Torque: 170Nm@1750-4000rpm
Gearbox: 5-Speed MT,6-SpeedMT.


Engine: 4 cyls.1497cc, Turbo-Petrol
Power: 115@ 3750rpm
Torque: 260Nm@1500-2750rpm
Gearbox: 6-Speed MT,6-SpeedMT.

A turbo petrol engine makes 120 horsepower, and a 1.5-litre diesel makes 115 horsepower. The gearboxes are the same: 6-speed manual and 6-speed mats; however, the petrol version now has a 7-speed DCT.

Gearbox performance

Now, since the engine is the same, let’s get to the big change in the DCT gearbox; the first thing right off the bat is the smoothness during shifts. You never really feel the Cog swapping, and it just is nice as long as you are moderate with the throttle. If you expect DSG levels of performance, something like what VW had, then this car will not do that. The response is more torque converter, and a lot more linear foreign response is better; however, the shift speeds are still the same. Kick-down is not that great, either. It takes a bit of hesitance before it gets going, but once it gets going, it is quite nice, and as I said, it is smooth and very comfortable now for a bit better control of the gearbox you also have.

Paddle shifters

New Tata Nexon Review

Paddle shifters are on offer, and as I said, they are nice to the touch; however, the shift speed is an issue because they’re just not as responsive, and you do miss that driver engagement. There is a fair bit of delay every time you tug on these, and they just aren’t as foolproof as you would like them to be. The best way to work this DCT is to have a moderate put on the throttle and not expect hyper responses. If you rush this, it won’t work in your favor. Downshift too enthusiastically; the car will refuse to shift down with a warning on the instrument screen. It’s a fail-safe that protects the transmission from abuse. The transmission also has AI software that learns and adapts to your driving style for better performance, but on the whole, it still isn’t quick or as responsive as VW’s dogs, which, to be honest, is a bit of a shame because the engine is quite nice.

Engine performance

Especially once it crosses two and a half thousand RPM, you get a nice surge. The mid-range is nice and Punchy; you also have this nice exhaust null at the top. It’s not a coarse sound. You don’t feel like it’s a three-cylinder struggling. The exhaust note is rather nice. Tata also claimed to have returned the.

Suspension and ride

New Tata Nexon Review

It is broadly the same as before in character, so at low speeds, the bumps come through the cabin; sharp bumps at slow speeds are felt; however, as you gain speed, it all flattens out very nicely. It is confident and flat while cruising at triple-digit speeds and quickly takes on undulations. Where the next one shines through is on a completely battered section of Road. It has the toughness you expect, and it feels like an SUV in Corners. It is confident to maneuver, but you won’t find much.

Steering and handling

Enthusiasts, it is aimed at convenience with that light steering, and that is what it does best now. The next one is only one of three.

Diesel engine

Cars in the segment still carry forward a diesel, a 1.5-liter turbo diesel, but one that now gets 115 horsepower as opposed to the 110 horsepower on the earlier car, and to be honest, refinement is not its strong suit because, especially at low speeds, you do hear a lot of that diesel drone and if you step on the accelerator response is very good that talk comes in immediately but refinement and that diesel noise is something you can’t avoid so like the petrol version these two gets a six-speed manual but no option of a DCT here you have the AMT as the only automatic on option however on the drive we only had the six-speed manual available [Applause] now the other thing is the six-speed manual gearbox now it’s very slick to shift nice and easy.

Manual gearbox

The clutch is also very light, but the bite point is quite fired up, which means a good workout for your left leg. You have to dig in, and whenever you have to lift off, it is quite a long travel, so that will be cumbersome, especially in city traffic. That said, the engine feels quite adequate, especially when the road opens now; a big advantage of the diesel is its strong cruising ability. Once it’s in sixth gear and you are just strolling around 100 110, it is absolutely at home; however, what you can’t fail to appreciate is that talk and how nicely spread it is because I am under 2000 RPM now and if I just press on the accelerator in third the response is immediate. It is quite strong. Yes, it does get loud, especially around three and a half thousand RPMs, but you don’t miss out on that strong overtaking ability now. This is obviously in City mode, which is the balance of the two if I switch.

Drive modes

Eco mode is going to tell you that every single time, performance is a bit dull, but to be honest, the Gap is not that much, and you can’t tell because you still get a good surge as you step on the accelerator so it doesn’t feel like an eco mode like it’s choking on the part switch to sport mode though. It becomes a lot more responsive, but sadly, you can hear a lot of that Gruff diesel drone as well [Applause], so on the whole, how much.


As an update, this is quite a significant one. Yes, it’s not a generational change. It still sits on the same platform and gets the same engines and gearboxes, but adding a DCD has widened its appeal. Then you have this massive change to the interior, one part where the Nexon severely lagged. Tata has also fixed the exterior, which is a lot more radical to look at, and people will like the modernism it brings Tata has also.


I revamped the variant breakdown of the Nexon, which now does away with the older terminology and gets new trim lines that are smart, pure, creative, and fearless, further classified into pluses and s. A wide array of options only means the next one is available for a wide range of budgets. Pricing will be out on the 14th of September, but we.

Price and conclusion

Estimate it between 8 and 14 lakh rupees, making it competitive. Put everything together, and the next one delivers an overall package that offers more for the money. Looking at its track record, that’s exactly what Indian car buyers seem to want. If you like the next one earlier, you’ll love this one myself.


1. What are the key features of the new Tata Nexon?

The new Tata Nexon has many features, including a modern design, updated interiors, advanced safety features, a touchscreen infotainment system, connectivity options like Android Auto and Apple CarPlay, and a range of engine options, including petrol and diesel.

2. What are the engine options available in the new Tata Nexon?

The new Tata Nexon offers both petrol and diesel engine options. The petrol variant is powered by a 1.2-liter turbocharged Revotron engine, while the diesel variant comes with a 1.5-liter Revotorq engine. Both engines are BS6 compliant and balance performance and fuel efficiency.

3. What safety features does the new Tata Nexon come with?

The new Tata Nexon has a range of safety features, including dual front airbags, ABS with EBD, rear parking sensors, a rear camera, a high-strength steel structure, and electronic stability control (ESC). It also comes with optional features like hill hold control and traction control.

4. How is the driving experience of the new Tata Nexon?

The new Tata Nexon offers a comfortable and engaging driving experience. The engines deliver adequate power and torque for city commutes and highway drives. The suspension setup balances ride comfort and handling, making it suitable for various road conditions.

5. What are the interior and exterior updates in the new Tata Nexon?

The new Tata Nexon features refreshed interiors with premium materials and finishes. The dashboard layout is modern and ergonomic, housing a touchscreen infotainment system with smartphone connectivity options. It gets updated styling elements on the exterior, including redesigned front and rear fascia, LED DRLs, and alloy wheel designs.

6. Is the new Tata Nexon available in automatic transmission?

Yes, the new Tata Nexon has manual and automatic transmission options. The automatic transmission is a 6-speed AMT (Automated Manual Transmission) gearbox, providing convenience for urban driving conditions.

7. What is the fuel efficiency of the new Tata Nexon?

The fuel efficiency of the new Tata Nexon varies slightly depending on the engine variant and driving conditions. On average, the petrol variant delivers around 17-18 km/l, while the diesel variant offers approximately 20-22 km/l, making it fuel-efficient in its segment.

8. Is the new Tata Nexon spacious and comfortable for occupants?

Yes, the new Tata Nexon offers ample passenger space with comfortable seating and sufficient legroom and headroom in both the front and rear rows. The seats provide good support and cushioning, ensuring a comfortable ride even on long journeys. The boot space is also generous enough to accommodate luggage for a weekend getaway.

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