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Introduction Well, hello and welcome to Doo’s Wal. Here is the answer to our prayers: a practically usable…
Ola S1 X


Ola S1 X

Well, hello and welcome to Doo’s Wal. Here is the answer to our prayers: a practically usable and feature-packed electric scooter coming from the house of Hola and yet arriving at an affordable price. Yes, this is the Ola S1 X, plus it offers unbeatable value combined with unmatched performance. It comes loaded with all the features that you come expecting, like connectivity features, practicality, usable features, a usable range along a usable top speed, so what all does it have on offer we’re going to find out in today’s video apart from that we’re going to talk about the December to remember offers that Ola is introducing for this month quick details about that particular offer along with the overview of S1 Pro as well as S1 air and a detailed ride impression of the S1 X Plus is what is coming up in this video so without further Ado let’s get started.


So this, my friend, is the Ola s1x plus, and Ola claims it is here to end the ice AG, which is a very bold statement. Is it really good enough? Does it pack a punch, or is it just a build to a budget spin-off? Let’s find out: the Ola s1x plus first premiered when I visited the Ola Future Factory for their upcoming bikes showcase. Look at it; you would never say it is built for a budget scooter. The seamless bodywork or the twin telescopic Folks up front, the twin shocks at the back, the 12-in wheels with tubeless tires, and even the LCD Dash look perfectly put together. Add to this the cute looking head headlamp with a small fly screen, and you have a head turner by all means, be it well within your budget range and giving the ice scooters a serious run for their money; what’s more, we also have seven color options to choose from we also get separate themes with graphics and unique colored handlebars for some of the color options.


Ola S1 X

now giving you a quick spec sheet run through first we have the battery the battery pack is a 3 KW hour unit the certified range is 151 km with a true range of 125 km which is seriously impressive for an EV at this price point the top speed is 90 km per hour acceleration is fast as well with 0 to 40 coming up in just 3.3 seconds and 60 coming up in just 5.5 seconds charging time at home with the standard charger stands at 7.4 hours which is not bad the peak power output of the motor is 6 Kow and practicality is well thought out here because the UN seat storage is a whooping 34 L now please note that the true range of 125 refers to the Eco Mode because in the normal mode it would still offer 100 km to a single charge which is also very impressive once more we also get a dedicated sports mode for the s1x Plus for those who are fast and furious we also get a 5 in segmented LCD for the speedo here now what you need to note here is that the connectivity features are still available here we do get mobile mile app connectivity we get Ola maps showing scooters live location turn by turn navigation it also allows you to push your location to your near and dear once we get three riding modes to play with namely Eco normal and sports mode we get a digital key lock unlock and even proximity unlock feature we do have the reverse mode as well as cruise control we have advanced brake region with three levels namely low high and default also the most important point is that you need to know that you can end up saving almost 20 26,000 Rupees a year by switching to an Eevee when compared to the ice scooters what’s more with the December to remember offer you get an unbelievable 20,000 rup cash discount on the S1 X+ variant and the X shom price after the discount now stands at a mere 899 which is Simply Irresistible now talking about the ride impression the seat is super comfy the bike like handlebars give you more confidence to flick it around like a motor scooter Dash offers good visible and legible fonts almost almost all the controls are available right at your fingertips the suspension is well sorted it isn’t too stiff to break your wrists it offers good plus ride quality the brakes are good as well to give you enough stopping power while you’re setting the streets on fire in the sports mode the 12-in wheels do make a world of difference in giving you greater confidence overall I feel that the S1 X Plus is the new value champion in the scooter space currently in a market ice and eeve put together now talking about the S1 Pro Gen 2 Bo it an absolute monster.


Ola S1 X

I mean, it’s a beast in every aspect. The stupendous class-leading range of 195 km IDC and a true range of 180 km from a single charge is almost as good as some electric cars. It’s also among the fastest-accelerating scooters. I mean, it is scarily fast because 0 to 40 comes up in just 2.6 seconds, 60 comes up in just 4.3 seconds, the top speed is 120 k per hour, the home charging time is just 6.5 hours, and the peak power output is 11 KW now even this gets a 34 L boot space and the Magical 7-in touchscreen Speedo console with reverse cruise control Hill hold assist and more. Oh yes, the battery is a 4 Kow unit. The price is 1 47,49 only with such class-leading features. All the performance or enthusiasts would love to own this beast now. Please note that the difference between the S1 Air and the S1 Pro is that only the pro model gets the hyper mode, whereas the Air doesn’t.


Hyper mode the S1 air also offers Supreme value being priced at 1 lak1 19,999 the air comes with a top speed claim of 90 km/ hour certified range is 151 km 0 to 40 comes up in just 3.3 seconds and the peak power output is 6 Kow the boot space is again 34 L and the air also gets more or less the same 7-in touchscreen Speedo console also just as I told you earlier it gets only three riding modes namely EOS normal and sports the air doesn’t get the hyper mode the battery pack is a 3 Kow pack and everything else remains more or less the same in terms of specs so this seems to be a comprehensive Onslaught from Ola towards the I segment because these scooters seem to be ahead in every aspect be it affordability usability practicality outright performance performance or even state-ofthe-art Tech so I would request each of you out there to actually feel and write the difference that these new age Savage scooters have an offer from the house of fer that’s pretty much it thanks for watching I’ll catch you guys in the next video Until then take care God bless and R safe.


In conclusion, the Ola S1 X electric scooter embodies a perfect blend of style, performance, and sustainability. With its sleek design, impressive range, and advanced features, the S1 X offers riders a convenient and eco-friendly mode of transportation for urban commuting and short trips. Whether navigating city streets or running errands around town, the Ola S1 X provides a smooth and silent ride while prioritizing safety and environmental consciousness.


1. What is the range of the Ola S1 X on a single charge?

Ans: The Ola S1 X offers a range of approximately 121 kilometers on a single charge under standard riding conditions.

2. What is the top speed of the Ola S1 X?

Ans: The Ola S1 X’s top speed is 90 kilometers per hour, making it suitable for urban commuting and short trips around town.

3. How long does it take to charge the Ola S1 X battery?

Ans: The Ola S1 X battery can be charged from 0% to 50% in 18 minutes using Ola’s Hypercharger network. A full charge using a standard charger takes approximately 4 hours.

4. Does the Ola S1 X come with connectivity features?

Ans: The Ola S1 X has connectivity features, including a touchscreen display and smartphone connectivity via the Ola app.

5. Is the Ola S1 X eligible for government subsidies or incentives for electric vehicles?

Ans: Eligibility for government subsidies or incentives for electric vehicles varies by region and country. Ola S1 X owners should check with local authorities or electric vehicle incentive programs to determine eligibility.

6. What safety features does the Ola S1 X offer?

Ans: The Ola S1 X prioritizes safety with features such as disc brakes with a combined braking system (CBS), anti-lock braking system (ABS), and vehicle immobilization via the Ola app.

7. Can the Ola S1 X be ridden by two people?

Ans: The Ola S1 X is designed primarily for single-rider use. While it does have a pillion seat, it is best suited for solo riding to optimize performance and safety.

8. Is the Ola S1 X available in different colors or variants?

Ans: Yes, the Ola S1 X is available in various colors and variants to suit different preferences and needs. Customers can choose from options offered by Ola based on availability in their region.

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