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Most Valuable Autographs

Meeting your favorite singer, actor, or sports star can be exciting. You should remember the moment by getting…
Most Valuable Autographs

Meeting your favorite singer, actor, or sports star can be exciting. You should remember the moment by getting their autograph.

You might think the autograph could become valuable later, like a collector’s item. But not all autographs will be worth the money. It depends on things like what it’s written on.

What Determines the Value of an Autograph?

Not every autograph from a well-known person will be worth a lot of money. But certain things can make an autograph more valuable.


A clear and easy-to-read signature is worth more. Even if it’s unclear, a signature recognizable as the person’s famous autograph still has some value.

If stains on the paper make the signature hard to see, it could make it less valuable. A blurry or hard-to-read signature is tough to prove, so it might not be worth much.

What the Autograph Is Written on

The object that holds the autograph affects its worth. Signatures on paper or in an autograph book might not be worth much. But if the autograph is on something special related to the person, it could be worth more.

For example, a baseball player’s autograph on a baseball or bat is worth more than on paper. And an actor’s signature on the script of their award-winning movie is worth more than just on paper.

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Just like other collectibles, if something is rare, it’s worth more. A rare autograph is harder to find, so more people want it, and it costs more. But if there are a lot of autographs from the same person, because they sign a lot, each one might not be worth as much.

Demand for the Autograph

When many collectors want a specific autograph, it becomes more valuable. Popular autographs are rare because many people want them. The demand for autographs changes depending on who’s popular at the time.

Likewise, if someone is famous but nobody wants their autograph, it becomes less valuable.

How Much Can You Get for an Autographed Item?

Autograph prices can be very different. It all comes down to how much someone is willing to pay. If you have an autograph you know others want, like a signed rookie baseball card from Hall of Fame player Chipper Jones, you can ask for a higher price. On eBay, one is listed for $79.

Remember, just because an autograph is listed for a certain price doesn’t mean it’s worth that much. Its value depends on what someone is willing to pay for it.

You can research by checking with companies selling autographed items, like Sotheby’s and Christie’s, well-known auction houses for expensive items. You can also ask appraisers who know about autographed items to estimate how much the autograph might be worth.

How Do I Sell a Valuable Autograph?

Where and how you sell an autograph depends on its value. If you think it’s worth a lot, you might want to sell it through a famous auction house like Christie’s or Sotheby’s.

If it’s valuable but not super expensive, you could have a trusted dealer sell it for you. You could also sell it on websites like eBay or Facebook Marketplace. Remember, these options usually charge a fee when the item sells, so be ready to pay that fee.

What Are Some of the Most Valuable Autographed Items?

Over time, certain autographed items have sold for a lot of money. Valuable autographs often come from presidents, athletes, and famous people. Here are some examples:

  • George Washington’s copy of the U.S. Constitution, Bill of Rights, and Acts of the First Congress: $9.8 million (2012)
  • Abraham Lincoln’s Emancipation Proclamation: Out of the 26 copies left from the original 48 signed copies of this important historical document, one that used to belong to Bobby Kennedy was sold for $3.7 million in 2010.
  • Albert Einstein letter:  In 2018, a letter from Einstein discussing his religious beliefs was sold for almost $2.9 million.
  • Babe Ruth’s New York Yankees contract: $2.3 million (2017)


1. What Makes an Autograph Valuable?

Ans: The value of an autograph depends on several factors, including its condition and what it’s written on. However, the most important thing is who signed it and whether people want it. If it’s rare, that also makes it worth more.

2. How Much Can I Sell an Autograph for?

Ans: You can sell an autograph for whatever price someone agrees to pay. However, to determine a fair price, ask auction houses, appraisers, or dealers to estimate its worth.

3. How Do I Find Out What My Autograph Is Worth?

Ans: A professional appraiser can determine your autograph’s worth for a small fee, usually around $30 to $40. They’ll give you an idea of its value and check if it’s real.

The Bottom Line

The most valuable autographs are those in good condition, signed on something special, and by someone famous.

The price you can get for the autograph depends on how much people want it and what they’re willing to pay. If you think your autograph could be valuable, it’s important to have it checked by a well-known auction house expert or a trusted appraiser.

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